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Lightning late 90s costume. by kaioutei Lightning late 90s costume. by kaioutei
Drawn with pencil and paper, quickly colored in Photoshop. For awhile now I've been tossing around the idea of a new webcomic, the newest Idea i've had is to try and make a childhood dream come true, sort of, and make a comic with the first character I ever created but re imagined as an adult.

Back to the early 90's

- To clear things up, this is not the costume design or character (technically) I plan to use if I start a new comic, this is nostalgia.

The final costume from my youth. Truth is Lightning went through many costume changes after the last picture but it's this one that stands out the most in my memory.

Story time once again, several things had happened with me since the last character design until this one. Over the years I became a fan of the Marvel Universe Table top RPG, the first time I played this game was with my friend Stephen, now Steve was always a stickler with the rules,he is still a friend but we are not as close as we once were, he has and always been a straight shooter, like Cyclops from the X-men. So we created characters completely down to the rules. One of the short comings with this game were if you followed the character creation rules to make an original hero you ended up with a hero who couldn't do squat. Taking on the regular Marvel Universe super villains was out of the question. (I know after awhile you earn experience and power stunts and so forth and choose bad things for your character like being an alcoholic like Ironman for a boost, but it took forever to level up. This was long before the internet and WoW, so people weren't willing to wait forever to level up. ) This angered me somewhat.

A couple years would pass and in the last year of Junior High I'd hook up with another friend to play the game, This friend Dylan hated the rules as well and made up his own, basically he fed my inner Mary Sue creator. In Dylan's RP I set out to create a Green Lantern type character, what I ended up created was a kid with the Infinity Gauntlet. (Kinda) your wondering wtf this has to do with anything, trust me it means something to me. The character I created was another hero who would become the focus of my drawings and Mini-comics named "Delusion" and Lightning, Blade (the guy I mentioned in the previous model sheet) would all go on the back burner.

After Junior High ended I then went a new high school and parted ways with Dylan, there I met another friend into the RPG Brian, like Dylan and I, Brian disliked the original rules of the game, and made his own house rules. However unlike Dylan he did his best to keep it fair, Allowing you to take points from one power and transfer them to another if you rolled you character randomly, especially if you had a power like "water-breathing" which made no sense to give it stats. The other way Brian allowed you to create characters was though a point system, you have so many points like 40 and could take as many powers and any power you wished, however you could only spend the preset amount of points...think of it like this you could have as many pieces of toast as you wanted, but you only had so much butter to put on them., I'd see a similar system in D&D 3.5 which made me wonder if Brian eventually got a job at Wizards of the Coast. Brian would end up teaching me a life long lesson, one that wouldn't sink in at first but I'd eventually come to cherish. When I first played with Brian and his group I begged him to play Delusion, after a lot of hounding he eventually caved in, however he would set me up. When playing the old character of mine I was highly over powered and the RPG quickly became boring and I would eventually quit the campaign. Brian explained a simple lesson to me. "Nobody would ever want to read a comic (or play an rpg) about someone who was over-powered and couldn't be stopped, it would be boring as hell." At first I understood, but it wouldn't sink in for a few more years.

The second thing that would happen to me in the late 90's was moving from the city and onto my Mother's reservation, also becoming an anime fan. Before Sailor moon would usher in the American anime market I happened to watch a commercial out of no where in the middle of the night advertizing Ranma 1/2 the movie this peeked my interest, so I ended up buying some Ranma manga and was instantly hooked.(Back then they still sold alot of Manga and anime but they kept it in a shady back room labeled "The adult section." in your local comic shop. Since I was 6'4" by the time I was 13 nobody I.D'd me.) At the same time my friend Chris had bought some strange Japanese trading cards, later I would learn they were Dragonball Z cards, but I thought they were cool as shit. After doing some research I found the name of the series and wanted to rent it, unfortunately nobody carried the show at the time. After telling a friend Robert in the city about Dragonball this friend would notice to one of his classmates drawing Dragonball characters in his sketchbook, the classmate was a Korean immigrant and learned this classmate had the whole series on a bunch of really cruddy VHS dubs. So next time I visited the city my friend borrowed the video tapes and I spent 4 days straight watching Dragonball and Dragonball Z from beginning to end, the subs were so badly translated it would be years until I found out the characters real names, at first I thought Goku was Monkey Boy, Piccolo was Demon King, Gohan was Rice, Bulma was Panties, and so forth. (Actually some of the videos they would try and call them by their real names with odd spelling "Beejita, Gohkou yadda yadda.") Why am I telling you this? because after that I would become obsessed with anime, and Dragonball and it would inspire this design of Lightning. That mixed with my friend Brian's lesson I would greatly tone down Lightning's and every character I made afterwards powers down...well not everyone but the others are a different story.


Real name: Laurance Alexander

Age: 27


Super Strength: Able to lift 50 tonnes maximum, meaning summoning up everything he had in a life or death situation he could push aside 50 tonnes, he could comfortably lift 10 tonnes over his head.

Super Speed: Able to reach mach speeds

Durability: Lightning was no longer invulnerable, he could take hits, but be damaged by big ones.

Enhanced Sight and Hearing: He can't see across the solar system like Superman, but he could see long distances away, and hear about as far away as well.

Healing Factor: Not at Wolverine levels, but he could mend bones and large wounds over night.

Power Amplification: Inspired by Dragonball, Lightning could now "power up" for a short period, but be extremely exhausted afterwards.

Flight: but only while powered-up.


- The saga with Dark Lightning and Blade had ended, Lightning discovered his Dark other was actually him from another multi-verse. I was probably inspired by characters like Venom, and Nega-duck from the Darkwing Duck cartoon. With the help of Blade and Delusion, a young up and coming hero, they would send the replica back to his dimension, Lightning had retired for sometime afterwards only to be called back into action by the government. Blade had gone rogue and the government needed help stopping him. You see Blade and Lightning were never friends, they would help each other out in a , I'll help this asshole out just to get what I need kinda way. The government assembled a team of young heroes, made up of various characters I created in the Marvel Universe RPG and Lightning would mentor them. He wasn't the team leader but he was there to help and give advice to the leader if needed. The team would face off against Blade in a duel to the near death, and Lightning would eventually win the fight by ripping Blades head off and sticking it in a tiny metal box so it couldn't regenerate. Other than being a side character not much would happen to him.
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